The deadline for oral and poster abstracts has passed (October 1st). However, if you still wish to submit for a POSTER presentation, it may still be possible.

Please, type your abstract on a single page, using 12 pt font (Times New Roman preferred), MS Word (preferred), and .RTF format (or if not possible, as a simple text file). Maximum words = 350. Start with the title, followed by the names of the authors, affiliation, address, and email address. Please email as an attachment (YourName.RTF) to:

Dr. Paul Treffner, email: p.treffner@mailbox.gu.edu.au.

Please do not use any special encoding. Figures can be embedded in document. Do not use EPS format. Large files should be compacted and Zipped. Alternatively, send the abstract as a hard copy and on a disk (IBM or Mac format, with 2 files - the original MS Word and a text-only file) to Paul Treffner. Include the completed Abstract Submission form shown below, and specify whether you prefer an oral or poster mode of presentation. Abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee.

Notification of acceptance will be sent asap.

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FORM (Please print and send to Paul Treffner):

Please PRINT, and tick boxes [ ] where applicable.

Full Name:_______________________________________________


Mailing address:___________________________________________


Telephone:_____________________ Fax:__________________________


Please tick: I plan to attend ONLY the 5th Biennial conference [ ]

I plan to attend BOTH conferences (5th Biennial AND ABC3) [ ]

I plan to submit an Abstract to 5th Biennial Workshop [ ]

Preliminary title:_________________________________________

I would prefer an ORAL presentation [ ]

I would prefer a POSTER presentation [ ]

I plan to attend the Workshop with Bill Warren [ ]

I would like to stay at the Watermark hotel [ ]


Please email abstract and above form to:
Paul Treffner: p.treffner@mailbox.gu.edu.au

or post files on disk by surface mail to:

Paul Treffner, School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science Griffith University,
Gold Coast, PMB 50, QLD 9726, Australia.