Professor Peter Beek

Prof. Peter J. Beek (Free University of Amsterdam, Netherlands) is a movement scientist with research interests that include the coordination of rhythmic limb movements, perception-action coupling, motor learning, rehabilitation, and development. His theoretical orientation in studying these topics is strongly influenced by dynamical systems theory (especially Haken's synergetics) and the ecological approach to perception and action, even though he has a keen eye for the limitations of these approaches in understanding the biological organization of movement. He has written several articles on juggling, (poly)rhythmic tapping and the swinging of pendulums and other manipulanda. In addition, he has written about conceptual issues in the dynamical/ecological approach to motor control. Peter Beek and Piet van Wieringen are the editors of Human Movement Science, a multidisiplinary joural devoted to the study of biomechanical, neurophysiological and psychological aspects of motor control.