We look forward to hosting the best Workshop ever! To this extent we invite high quality submissions for either oral or poster presentation. We especially hope to highlight student poster presentations (there will be a prize for the best).

ORAL Presentations are expected to be approximately 20 mins plus 10 mins for questions: Total = 30 mins.

A PC and Macintosh computer will be available for PowerPoint presentations. Also available will be an OHP, a slide projector, and VCR (both NTSC and PAL video formats).

If you plan on a PowerPoint presentation and also own a laptop computer (PC or Macintosh), we ask that you also bring your laptop with you as a back-up. Also, bring please back-up OHP slides of your PP presentation.

If you have a Macintosh-based PowerPoint presentation, also copy your Mac PP file onto a PC-formatted disk so that it can run from a PC computer if need be.

If you have further questions, contact Paul Treffner.


Posters can be any reasonable size up to a maximum of 175 cm x 115 cm
Be prepared to affix posters using velcro tape. Please bring your own tape along if possible. However, velcro tape will be supplied if needed.

Abstracts of accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings available during the conference (Proceedings of the 5th Biennial Motor Control & Human Skill Research Workshop. Paul Treffner & Steven Morrison (Eds.), Gold Coast: Griffith University Press).

Also, as with previous Workshops, we plan to publish accepted papers in a special issue of the journal Human Movement Science. Previously, the 1997 Perth meeting was published in a special double issue of Human Movement Science (see Vol 18, 1999, for papers from the Perth 1997 meeting).

There will be a Trade Show whereby companies in the motor control/biomechanics field will exhibit their motion analysis technology. Companies expected include:

Motion Analysis Corporation
AoK Health
Human Kinetics Publishers